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How does all this work?

It's simple, you nominate a local business that you think is worthy of attention and, if it's one of the more inspiring entries, we'll help them get that attention. We'll do whatever it takes (funny songs, crazy antics, perhaps even some amateur pyrotechnics) to make the best local commercial on whichever side of the Mississippi you happen to reside.

So what's the catch?

The catch is, there is no catch. This program is supported by MicroBilt Corporation, a company devoted to helping small businesses see profit. They want to see deserving local businesses get their props and have fun doing it, so they're pimping us out to make it happen and frankly, if loving small business is wrong, we don't want to be right.

What happens when I nominate a business?

A team of NASA scientists took time out of their busy schedules to develop a top-secret algorithm that will filter all of the entries and deliver us a list of the best small businesses for local commercials. When we get it we'll throw that list out and go through all of the nominations ourselves. I Love Local Commercials sponsor, MicroBilt will follow up with every business that is nominated and when we pick our top choices, we'll contact those businesses. If they're game, we'll book our flights, swing in to Anytown, USA with a song in our throats and a camera on our shoulders to make a commercial.